Sold in 2 days; 831 Frontenac Ave. $488,900

Sold in Less than a Week; 68 Dudley Ave. https://youtu.be/X9-cIqyWL4w


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I met Randi a couple of years ago (2018) in a lunchtime meet up and she seemed extremely passionate about helping people in the community.  Since then, I have attended numerous face to face as well as zoom meetings that she organized.  She is like an energize bunny who never stops and she will help you anytime.
Last year (2019), we want to downsize and enlisted Randi Goodman to help us sell our home.  She worked closely with Michelle Schipper to enlist an interior decorator.  As a result, the house sparkled inside and out.  We almost couldn’t sell it because we fell in love with it all over again.  Randi and Michelle worked tirelessly to promote the sale even before the house went on the market as the market was starting to weaken in early 2019.
To make the long story short, they sold our home in record time (4 days) so that we can be closer to my mother-in-law.  This made my husband’s job – looking after his mom – so much easier.  In addition, we were able to complete the renovation of our new place before COVID-19.  That’s a huge advantage because COVID-19 resulted in stop work in condo renovation.  If we sold any later, we would be living in a nightmare now.
Thank you Randi and Michelle.  You are a super team.  A team that made our lives so much better without our immediate gratification as we were sorry to have left the old and beautiful place.
Overall, we really really appreciate your dedication, your commitment, your belief that our house can be sold at that time.  It is refreshing to see real estate professionals like you, who pour your expertise and soul into the work that you do.  Again, Thank You!

Best Regards,

Douglas Walker and Linda Yao

I had the opportunity to work with Randi on a very important deal for my family and I’m so happy I chose her as my agent. She was professional, very thorough, detail oriented and most importantly remained consistent during some tense times when delays were presenting from the other side. The whole time I felt that I was in capable hands. What also impressed me was that even when the deal was signed and delivered and her part technically over, she followed up with me to remind me to address a few small details that needed attention.  
Josephine Carmel

I sold my first property with Randi recently.  Not only did she pay great attention to detail but she was able to answer all of my questions.  The transaction was seamless, sold in 2 days and closed quickly.  Randi was professional and kept me informed of all the details throughout the process, she was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.

Joseph Himelfarb




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